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Special Journals Publication (SJP) for Sustainable dev

Many definitions have been proposed for Sustainable development based on the approaches and understanding of various sectors on the sustainable development concept and the best is the one from “Our common future” also known as the “Brundtland report” This defined the Sustainable development as development that enables the present generation to meet their needs without compromising the ability of the future generation to meet their own need. Thanks to United Nations Development Programs UNDP and International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and many others, that have actually done a good job and have continued to do a great job on this topic globally till today.

Sustainable development is for everyone in both developed, developing, and underdeveloped countries. Thus the dynamics of sustainable development demand that development should take place at different levels and no one should stop developing though the emphasis is placed on the need to help less represented to attain a minimum development threshold.

Special journal publication (SJP) is joining the development league as a partner in progress to provide academic and research leadership in making sustainable development really sustainable. This is through providing the hub for professional quality research information for informed decisions by sustainable development stakeholders, stakeholders with special emphasis on resource-limited and underrepresented populations. SJP increases the visibility, accessibility, distribution, availability, acceptability, and usage of all original high-quality manuscripts submitted to any of our Journals.

Development and information are two inseparable variables that depend on each other to thrive. Power, affluence, advancement, and better society depend on the quality of information available to the stakeholders per unit point in time. As the world drifts towards professionalism, professionalism drifts towards quality information, and information drifts towards research, the need for detailed research-based information as drivers of professionalism cannot be overemphasized.

There may be so many centers with different types and qualities of information for different purposes but how useful, available, and relevant are this information remains a matter for public debate. Special Journals Publications was launched to assist in filling a colossal quality research-based information gap for stakeholders in resources limited setting and the entire world.

First Goal:   No poverty

Sustainable jobs and equality to all people to signify inclusive economic growth will actually reduce or eradicate poverty from the society.  

Second Goal: Zero Hunger

Food security from good Agricultural products, free from Pathogenic Microbial infestation for both man, plants and animals is key to hunger and poverty eradication and ultimately making our development sustainable

 Third Goal:  Good health and well-being:

Healthy lives and well-being for all ages need good resources to provide both human resources for health. Good health for all ages and for all people at all times is invaluable in determining sustainable development

Fourth Goal: Quality education

This will better the lives of all people and bring advancement in the society

Fifth Goal: Gender equality

This is a human right and foundation for peace, prosperity, and sustainable development for all people

Sixth Goal: Clean water and sanitation:

Clean water and sanitation must be accessible by all who needs them when and where it’s needed

Seventh Goal: Affordable and clean energy

Affordable and clean energy in fundamental determinants of economic and social development in society.

Eight Goal: Decent work and economic growth.

Societies with good and quality jobs for all people in a conducive environment

Ninth Goal: Industry innovation and infrastructural investment

Industry innovation and infrastructural investment guarantees sustainable development because it defines independence in goods and services needed by the public

Tenth Goal: Reduces inequalities:

Reduce Inequalities, Universal principles, helping the marginalized population and then confirm sustainable development for a better life for the people

Eleventh Goal: Sustainable cities and communities:

Opportunities for all, access to basic energy, housing, transportation is provided by the communities for research, innovation, and development

Twelfth Goal: Responsible consumption and production:

Responsible consumption and production defines environmental safety principles in which recycling and absolutely biodegradable substances are produced

Thirteenth Goal: Climate action

Climate action affecting everybody everywhere on the planet earth impacting all things including pattern, of disease pandemic.

Fourteenth Goal: Life below water

Life below water and systematic planning and management of living things below water fauna and flora will impact

Fifteen Goal: Life on Land.

Suitable management of forest, desertification reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

Sixteenth Goal: Peace Justice and strong institution

Peace Justice and strong institution where there is access for Justice for all and build effective institutions at all levels

Seventeenth Goal: Partnership

Partnership at the global level for sustainable development

Sustainable development Special Journals (SDSJ)

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